The Holiday Season Smells of Cinnamon

Hope everyone has been wrapped up warm if they’re working outside doing their winter maintenance, we’re already making quite a bit of progress but it can get cold at our yard! So we’ve (mainly Sian) been cutting out wax from our used frames so we can reclaim the wax as well as prepare our frames for sterilisation. This way we can re-use almost everything, it is definitely labour intensive but necessary. With all that wax, I’ve continued making candles, we’ve been getting a lot of orders lately, especially for the trees again so I’ve been making forest after forest. Tis the season after all!

Our Office Display of Honey

We’ve been busy jarring our honey in anticipation for the inevitable holiday orders. As you can see we’re pretty well stocked now, just need to refill our cinnamon honey section. I’ve been infusing it here in the office and when you remove the lid, the smell is just incredible and is definitely reminiscent of the holiday season. We always use organic cinnamon for our infusion. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must, especially if you love cinnamon. It is great on pancakes, ice cream, french toast or just on hot buttered toast – now I’m making myself hungry.

Infusing our honey with organic cinnamon

Sian is also delighted that our tortoise Berger is out and about and captured this shot of him enjoying the sparse sun we’ve been getting lately (yes he has a tomato seed on his chin) Now it is harder to get her to work efficiently with all the animals about!

Does anyone like tomatoes in their Bergers?

We’ve also made a big push in terms of recruiting our new apprentice for next year, we’re trying to advertise in as many places we can without incurring a ridiculous bill! We’ve interviewed quite a few candidates with lots of potential, it is very exciting to meet more people interested in completely changing their life and jumping into the world of beekeeping! That’s often why I love doing our beekeeping courses, it’s just so nice to see that fresh wave of excitement adults have when they’re encountering bees for the first time. That feeling is definitely infectious! If you know anybody that could be interested in becoming our apprentice you can get them to send us an email:, we’re open to any kind of candidate and they don’t need any beekeeping experience!

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