Nightmares and Disasters

We’re well into November now and I’m sure everyone else in the UK is feeling the plunges in temperature. Last week we had an emotional goodbye to our apprentice Gabriel, he is away for his block training and then, finally, he is head to his highly anticipated trip to New Zealand. We are all hoping he will have a blast and bring us back some Manuka honey (and a wealth of knowledge).

From now on we will be doing quick checks on our hive’s and nuc’s for fondant.  If you start feeding fondant you much ensure that you keep offering it.  We check to make sure they have enough stores for the next few weeks, but the rain has been making it very difficult to get to some of our apiaries and some (well one) of the team are petrified of getting stuck in the mud (again). Speaking of anticipating ‘nightmare’ situations, this is one of the most used words amongst our team, so Sian had the idea of trying to eradicate this little bit of negativity by making a swear jar, 50p charge for each blunder! The money is at least going to our Christmas Meal, and if Rob keeps slipping up the way he is, we might be able to afford to eat The Ritz rather then the local pub!

We have some Santa Candles watching over the kitty.

I’ve been making gift packs and candles in advance of our Christmas rush, it’s quite a nice warm activity when it is bitterly cold outside. I’ve managed to make a forest of beeswax trees, a favourite gift amongst our customers.

And now, looking even further ahead to 2020 (I know, we’re already a bit too excited) we have put up our availability for reservations for 2020 mated queens on our website, as well as 2020 nucs, so if you’re the organised type, go ahead and put a small deposit for a queen/nuc for next year.

Buckfast Beckys Bees

Becky & the Team 🙂



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