Run Up To Christmas

The excitement is in the air now, and all my little bees are slacking (I’m looking at you Rob & Sian!) because they’re so looking forward to some time off. Our Gabriel is having a fantastic time in New Zealand but is working up until 11pm and getting up at 4am! So no rest for him then.

Just a friendly reminder that any orders that you would like to arrive prior to Christmas need to be received before 12pm on Friday 21st December. We will be closed over the holiday period, from 23rd December – 2nd January. So please check your colonies to find out if they need any feeding and get any fondant orders in nice and early as there will literally be no one in the office.

To be honest I’m probably the most excited amongst the team about Christmas because I am heading to Bulgaria to go snowboarding with my family! I’ve been duly taking lessons and kind of getting the hang of it, Sian thinks I will be a pro by the end of the holiday and Rob is just scared I will break my arm (I don’t have a great track record – that’s why). Anyway, we’re all in the festive spirit, Sian and I went around Winchester Market yesterday and I’ve made a wreath!

My wreath making skills!

With Gabe in New Zealand, Sian has been locked up in the cold removing old wax from frames so that we can repurpose the wax into candles and sanitize our frames to reuse for next season. A lot of miserable weather today, and it’s making us envy our apprentice who gets to experience the New Zealand Summer. Just look at the scenery that our Gabriel is blessed with, surrounded by the mountains and the rivers. He’s in a relatively remote area called Hanmer, but they do a lot of nomadic beekeeping – moving their hives to the world renknowned Manuka Honey. A little more upscale there (they have 1000 hives!) So they’re making the use of our young apprentice and putting him through their paces.

Gorgeous New Zealand!

Luckily for Gabe, he lives a short drive away to the natural hot spring resort, Hanmer Springs! Oh he is such a lucky boy! There is just so much to see in New Zealand that Sian is reminiscing about her time there too, she’s hoping Gabe will be able to go see Mount Aoraki, or even swim with some dolphins in nearby Kaikoura. We do worry about him though, with the recent natural disasters occuring there, we hope he’s at least messaging his family more than he does us!

Rob & Becky organise how to space out our pallets

Rob managed to bring back 67 pallets for our new nuc site which was very exciting. Rob stood on the trailer throwing them off whilst I drove up and down the the field. It got a bit hairy at times because I forgot he was on the back and kept driving whilst he was mid-throw! Sian enjoyed bellowing ‘STOP!’ when I had to pause, for a small woman her voice travels outrageously far. We were like a well oiled machine, should of had some one filming us!

Some of you may have noticed that we’re certainly using our social media more haha, at least attempting to! So please follow us on our twitter, instagram and facebook for offers and little updates that may interest you. We do hope everyone also managed to get to their polling stations today, we’re all waiting until after work.

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