Has the Season Started?

What glorious weather we have had over the past few days and I know that many of you have taken the opportunity to do those first checks on your bees.  If you have already checked them I hope the news is good and that your bees are looking well after winter. If you need any advice please don’t hesitate to ask us.

The blackthorn is well out in flower now and I saw my first dandelion yesterday but I didn’t have my phone to take a photo!!

Oh and I did wash those feeders – eventually!

Gabe has been welding a paint brush and roller around all last week getting another load of poly nucs ready for when we start doing our splits for nucs – these are all langstroth.

Sian and Rob were the lucky ones who got to out and play with some of our bees yesterday and today all three of them were out again at one of our bigger sites. So far the news is really good with minimal winter losses but they have still got lots of colonies to check.

The weather is going to change tomorrow, we are forecast rain and lower temperatures so there won’t be any opening of hives tomorrow.

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