The Weather is Jarring

After the brief and exciting sunny spell we’re back to grey skies and rain. I hope that many of you got some initial checks done, we have here and things are looking positive, though as expected we have had a few losses. Aptly, Sian and I attended a fascinating talk by Norman Carreck of Sussex University in regards to Colony Loss and the improvement of honeybee health at the Andover District Beekeepers Association. It was a bit of an information overload and very scientific but we had a good discussion about it on the drive back and gave us food for thought in regards to our own beekeeping practices.


With the return of chilly weather we’ve retreated into winter mode and today we’re jarring some more softset honey. It wasn’t too long ago that we last jarred softset but we ran out of stock amazingly quickly! Luckily enough we had enough runny honey and cinnamon infused honey for pancake day yesterday. We had a few lovely customers come knocking on our door for a little jar to top their pancakes.


Back at the yard Gabe has finished painting our langstroth nucs and is busily making frames to fill them all. Sian and Gabe are planning to paint our rather plain walls in our new unit, but they should probably get started before the season begins or it will end up on the backburner.

It is BeeTradeX this weekend and Rob and I are looking forward to seeing many of our customers there. We’ll have various beekeeping supplies for sale but mainly we are attending so that you can put a face the name of the person you speak to on the phone! So, if you are looking for us we will be in stall 25 next to Urban Hawks and Part Time Beekeeping Supplies.


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