Cabin Fever

Roll on the warmer weather.  A little but of sun sends us all doolally in the office and we are keen to get outside! There is still a big pile of feeders to wash that apparently is my job…  So, if the sun is still out tomorrow I will be able to cross that one off my to-do-list 🙂 (Sian is actually skeptical if I ever get around to doing them – watch this space….)

Sian is beavering away next to me getting organised for the queen rearing season. They have decided on a new coding system to keep things simple and clear.


We have a few new sites to check out next week and then of course we have BeeTradex in a few weeks time where we hope to meet many of our customers.  We set up the day before and then meet up with other bee farmer members for a meal, a few drinks and lots of laughs.

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