Should I Register My Hives?

I get asked a lot about registering bee hives. The main question being “What do I benefit from registering if its not a legal requirement“. Well, read on and you will see all the benefits of registering your colonies on BeeBase.

By registering your colonies on BeeBase you will have access to lots of useful information. You will also be alerted if there is any disease found within your area. If you have concerns about disease you can contact your Seasonal or Regional Bee-Inspector and they will arrange to visit your hives. There is no charge for this service and you will be visited by a fully qualified Bee-Inspector. The inspector will check your bees for signs of disease or pests, and they will be able to provide you with help and advice on good husbandry.

By being registered on BeeBase it also allows the NBU (National Bee Unit) to see the distribution of honey bee colonies across the England and this enables them to effectively monitor and control the spread of serious and fatal honey bees diseases and pests. BeeBase is for England only, please do not sign up if you are in Scotland or Wales.

Summary of information found on BeeBase for those registered:

  • Advice for Beekeepers
  • Apiary Inspections & Training
  • Bee Pests, Diseases & Maps
  • Consumer & Environmental Protection
  • Leaflets & Training Manuals
  • Hive Count
  • Beekeeping News – Asian Hornet updates
  • Legislation, Imports and Exports
  • Medicines
  • Dealing with Swarms
  • Research and Development
  • Healthy Bees Plan
  • Varroa calculator to work out if you need to treat for varroa

Sign up here for free

BeeBase Home Page

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